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There are robust, informed conversations taking place online every day, around the world — and too often, these conversations are ignored by the media in favor of their own coverage.

That’s where reported.ly comes in. We’re an international team of journalists with literally dozens of years’ worth of combined experience as online community organizers, storytellers and curators. We don’t try to send people away from their favorite online communities just to rack up pageviews. We take pride in being active, engaged members of Twitter, Facebook, reddit — no better than anyone else there. We want to tell stories from around the world, serving these online communities as our primary platforms for reporting — not secondary to some website or app. Forget native advertising — we want to produce native journalism for social media communities, in conjunction with members of those communities.

Some of the most compelling news stories around the world emerge directly from social media. We want to earn your trust to be your guide, helping you navigating the never-ending stream of rumors and footage and get a better sense of what is actually happening. And we’ll never bullshit you, stalling for time while we wait to learn everything — we commit to being upfront of what we know, what we don’t know, and why.

This is Andy Carvin, Editor-In-Chief and founder of Reported.ly(1)(2), new journalistic subject (this definition is mine) that seems to be very promising for a number of very good reasons: I see an Information&Knowledge-related Marketing, rather than a Reader-related Marketing; it appears to offer a path to discover and give meaning to what happens, rather than a ready-made product; the target is the citizen (i.e. the one who writes, the one ho reads, and the mediator. Everyone!), not only the reader; the object is what is important, rather that what is interesting (for the reader).

My concerns are related to the way each single contributions (given by the one who writes, the one ho reads, and the mediator) will be valued. In a certain way, my concern relates to the Business Model.

(1) This is the team of Reported.ly.
(2) Good luck to Marina Petrillo, the (italian) East Coast producer at reported.ly.



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